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About Motorvision Group

MOTORVISION GROUP is Europe’s leading creator and producer of automotive-themed television programming. We unite the production, purchase and sale or licensing of moving image content with the operation of global TV channels, online and mobile streaming services under one roof.

With more than 30+ years experience in the media industry, we are systematically digitizing and extending our business by adding new technical distribution channels, such as FAST channels and our mobile streaming application.

Having millions of reach from our TV channel, we use the strength of our entertainment business and high advertising reach to further develop our digital consumer platforms and actively diversify our portfolio.

Our mission is

to provide quality entertainment

to passionate motor racing fans, bikers

and car lovers without a glitch.

Motorvision Group Portfolio

All brands, platforms and companies that contribute to the entertainment strategy.

Pay-TV Channels

Motorvision Group offers 24/7 linear Pay-TV channels dedicated to the automotive world. The channels feature premium automotive content, including motorsport broadcasts and live streams, and are available in full HD or SD.

Motorvision Group Pay-TV channels are uplinked on several satellites for re-distribution and is broadcast in different language versions (German, English and French, with optional subtitles in Greek, Portuguese and Thai) via different Pay-TV platforms.

At present, two different Pay-TV channels are being operated under the brand Motorvision+: Motorvision+ in German-speaking Europe, broadcasting in German language, as well as Motorvision+ International, broadcasting in English and French language, with subtitles in Thai, Greek and Portuguese.

Motorvision+ is distributed in +115 countries around the globe.

CTV Streaming Channels

Motorvision Group offers global FAST services with selected on-demand assets, as well as curated FAST channels.

FAST channels are free ad-supported streaming TV services that allow viewers to watch streaming content for free.

Motorvision Group FAST channels are operated under the brand Motorvision in different language versions (English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese) and currently distributed via partners such as Samsung TV+, ROKU, LG, PLEX, Huawei, NetGEM, Hisense, PlutoTV and more. 

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Motorvision App

The Motorvision App offers a freemium service available across all devices (smartphone, tablet, desktop, Smart-TV) and packs robust features such as the Motorvision+ premium channel, motorsport LIVE streams, on-demand premium videos, and much more.

The content offering includes 2000+ programs in in several language versions (English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Greek, Portuguese, Thai).

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International Content Sales

Motorvision Group engages in the purchase, sale and licensing of automotive themed moving image content across all channels.
We work with customers across all industries around the world, such as TV stations, rights agencies, and online platforms. Currently, Motorvision Group has licensing deals in more than 115 countries.
Motorvision Group owns full rights for all its content assets and can offer broadcast, VoD, online, mobile, and streaming rights (360°). With more than 25.000 hours of moving image content, we offer a wide range of content across different genres.

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Media Production

We produce individual audiovisual content for companies, corporations and institutions, all adapted to multiple platforms, mediums and channels. We take care of the entire process ranging from the creation and development of ideas, production planning, realization, post-production to the final delivery.

With more than 4500+ hours of in-house production experience, we are highly specialized in automotive themed content, i.e. cars, trucks, motorcycles, classic cars, motorsports and mobility.


Motorvision Group offers advertising opportunities across all owned media channels. Having a highly diversified portfolio of distribution channels, such as Pay-TV, Free-TV, FAST and digital channels, we are aligned with the growing market trend toward connected TV adoption and profit from a broad, global reach among a precisely defined target group.

More Than Sports TV

More Than Sports TV is a free-to-air sports channel, which offers a wide variety of fast-growing, increasingly popular content such as American football, ​motor sports, MMA or eSports, documentaries and reviews.​
The channel is currently available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and reaches more than 20 million TV households.​
More Than Sports TV is broadcast in German and accessible as a FAST channel, through web browsers, the More Than Sports TV mobile app and IPTV distribution.

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