Sportworld makes it easy for sports fans to enjoy the diversity of sports with just one comprehensive subscription. That’s because the exclusive “Samsung Sport Package” from B1 SmartTV bundles the pay offers of twelve renowned sports broadcasters. The offer costs EUR 14.99 per month to start. But even without a subscription sports fans get their money’s worth. In addition to the EPG function, all Sportworld users can look forward to a specially curated “24/7 Sportworld” channel, which offers of highlight formats from the broadcast partners and thus gain an insight into the quality of the quality of the package.

Sportworld is part of the current, Germany-wide “Made for Germany” campaign by Samsung. Anyone who buys a Samsung promotional device from the current 2022 model series model series, will receive the “Samsung Sport Package” in the Sportworld for up to 12 months – depending on the depending on the model category – free of charge.