Motorvision, one of Europe’s leading producers of automotive content, is proud to announce its thrilling car-themed programming will now be available to stream on-demand and via linear channels, thanks to a partnership with white label streaming OTT service OTTera.

With several thousand hours of high-quality entertainment that has been widely popular in Europe, Germany-based Motorvision is moving full speed ahead into the global on-demand and linear marketplace with live motorsports, informative car reviews and in-depth documentaries.

“Just like the automotive industry, Motorvision has to adapt to an increasingly changing landscape. We’re very excited to take on this challenge and work with the team at OTTera to establish the MOTORVISION TV app as the new destination for lovers of all cars, bikes and exciting motorsports. Their one-stop solution does not just power our new B2C offering, but also helps us to make our syndication and distribution processes with established and new B2B partners even more efficient,” said Raimund Koehler, CEO of Motorvision Group.

Motorvision has partnered with OTTera, a white label streaming video service based in Los Angeles, to create the professional Motorvision application and linear OTT channel. With 50+ million users worldwide and counting, OTTera provides content owners and creators with a customized application, linear channel support, advertising via their AdNet+ service, and proven relationships in the consumer electronics industry.

“With wide success across Europe and among car lovers abroad, Motorvision is already a powerful force in the arena of auto programming. We are pleased they have chosen to utilize our comprehensive OTTera service to help them widen their distribution and capitalize on the success they’ve had in European markets,” said Stephen L. Hodge, co-CEO of OTTera Inc.

The Motorvision app features free short-form content covering everything from everyday cars to powerful sports cars to 4X4s and vintage favorites. Users are also able to subscribe to a premium offering giving them access to the biggest selection of motorsports that Motorvision has ever offered. Premium members can also access a wide array of car magazines, lifestyle shows and programs on the history of the automotive and motorsports industry. They are also able to select their content based on the favorite car types or brands.

In addition to on-demand shows, the application provides dedicated curated linear channels included on nearly a global basis. Motorvision offers its well-established 24/7 linear pay TVchannels across Europe and Asia as well.

Motorvision’s app will be available on iPhone, Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, Android and Android TV, web browsers as well as a range of Smart TVs.

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