There are details which set super cars apart from normal cars and these details are essential. Super cars are the biggest, loudest and most expensive cars on the highway; they're four-wheeled works of arts.

7 season(s) | 162 episodes


Welcome to the world of unbelievable car construction, power-vehicles and crazy tuning-shows! The ultimate programme for car lovers and fans of high-end tuning.

3 season(s) | 59 episodes

Motor Stories

Motor-Stories celebrate the way of drive all around the globe. Breathtaking stories from the amusing universe of car culture. Bizarre people like LA based Porsche Punk Magnus Walker, incredibly and outstanding cars and wild sceneries. Let us entertain you.

1 season(s) | 20 episodes


Grande Emotione! Breath taking Italian supercars, extraordinary British coupes, sophisticated French limousines, exclusive stunning American Muscle Cars, perfect German convertible dreams. Dream Cars celebrates the ultimate car models of each country. The leading car manufactures of the world, the most exciting cars of all times – Dream Cars. - You dream it, we show it.

1 (of 2) season(s) | 29 episodes