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Our programming is filled with variety and passion: reliable auto news & tests, exciting motorsports, entertaining lifestyle shows, incredible performance & speed, independent reviews and nostalgic history – and brought to you and your audience through any combination of multi-channel platforms.

MOTORVISION GROUP is one of Europe’s leading creators and producers of automotive-themed television programming.

We can call upon an archive comprising over 3.000 broadcast hours and an excess of 30.000 hours of raw footage covering a wide variety of aspects of the world of automotive topics. More than 100 hours are produced annually, of course all in brilliant HD.

MOTORVISION GROUP owns full rights for all its material and can offer broadcast, VoD, online, mobile, and streaming rights (360°).

MOTORVISION GROUP also operates TV Channels, Websites and publishes an digital e-paper.

Motorvision TV

  • Available 24/7 in full HD or SD
  • Available on several satellites for re-distribution
  • Is currently broadcast in German, English, and French plus optional subtitles in Arabic, Greek, and Thai

Motorvision TV can be seen in more than 100 countries around the globe.

Motorvision is one the largest European automotive channel on YouTube (www.youtube.com/motorvision).